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    If I don’t remember who I am, who’s to say I’m not a princess or a duchess or whatever she is, right?

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  2. Daily struggle

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    Octopus-Inspired Design Ideas

    I require all of these.

    My design aesthetic is tentacles. Tentacles everywhere.

    thezombiemessia lookit


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    Megan Fox accompanied by his sons Noah and Bodhi and her husband Brian Austin Green in Los Angeles - Aug 19, 2014

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    matthewfiendman have you seen this?! LOL!

    ::logs off:

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  8. EAU DE GAGA - For the adventurous woman and the man who loves her

    Release Dates: 

    • Italy, Poland, & Czech Republic - September 1st, 2014
    • UK, Spain, & Germany - September 15th, 2014
    • USA - January 15th, 2015
    • Russia, France, & Canada - TBA

    Check out Haus Laboratories for more information. 

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    Why is this not taught universally.

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